Unique Office of PT Mentari Mas Multimoda Becomes a New Icon in Labuan Bajo

The New Face of PT Mentari Mas Multimoda

Jakarta - PT Mentari Mas Multimoda (TEMAS GROUP), a company engaged in the field of container transportation by sea, announced the opening of the Labuan Bajo branch site office. This site office is located at the Wae Kelambu Multipurpose Terminal, Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).
In its design, this site office has a unique design concept that describes the company's business identity. With creativity and innovation, PT Mentari Mas Multimoda designed a site office from specially engineered used containers to create functional and aesthetic spaces.

Apart from providing a comfortable working atmosphere for employees, this site office can also become a new icon in the Wae Kelambu Multipurpose Terminal environment.

"We are very proud of the opening of the Labuan Bajo branch site office which shows our commitment to creating an inspiring work environment and visually representing our business identity," said PT Mentari Mas Multimoda Main Director, Ganny Zheng in a written statement, Tuesday (30/5/ 2023).

"By utilizing containers, we want to provide a unique experience and strengthen the company's image as a container service provider in Eastern Indonesia," he added.

He said the opening of the Labuan Bajo branch site office was part of the company's strategic expansion in strengthening its presence and services in the Eastern Indonesia region. PT Mentari Mas Multimoda is committed to continuously providing innovative and reliable container transportation solutions to our customers.

PT Mentari Mas Multimoda is a container transportation company by sea in Eastern Indonesia. With commitment, extensive experience and a strong network, PT Mentari Mas Multimoda provides customers with integrated, efficient and reliable logistics solutions.